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Personalised Hypnotherapy CDs for Children

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

We have recently launched a personalised hypnotherapy CD making service for children which is proving very popular. Sometimes children find it difficult to talk to someone new about a problem they are experiencing. Gathering the information about the issue from the carers, and producing a personalised hypnotherapy CD for the child the listen to at home can prove the ideal solution.

CDs can be in the form of a metaphorical story, or a relaxation track with more direct suggestions. In both cases, the interests and likes of a child are interwoven to create a personalised experience and keep the interest of the child engaged, whilst offering positive, supportive suggestions to help with their issue.

Some parent comments are below:

“The CD definitely helped in many ways, with the issue at hand and bringing us even closer together.”
Thank you so much for Rachel’s CD, we just listened to it. It’s so special and perfectly tailored for her. When the CD finished she climbed down her bunk bed ladder to find me, her cheeks were wet from tears and she told me she was crying from happiness. And so was I… We had a lovely hug and she asked if she could listen to it again.”

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