Power of Imagination

Hypnotherapy is a very natural therapy for children. They spend much of their time in imaginative play so when they are asked to pretend or imagine something, their minds grasp this concept with ease and they simply do it. Children have this as a natural ability, something that adults often ‘un-learn’.

Hypnotherapy uses guided imagination once the mind is in a relaxed, yet focused state (and therefore at its most receptive) to make suggestions for new behaviour, feelings and resources that will allow a child to cope better with different aspects of their lives once out of trance.

With hypnotherapy the real work done is always the child’s own (all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis) and this knowledge increases children’s feelings of self-confidence and pride as progress is made.

Additionally, teaching a child self-hypnosis and/or giving them a CD of their session to listen to in their own time, reinforces this and encourages independence in mastering their new skills.

Hypnotherapy can be used to break unwanted habits, such as bedwetting and nail-biting, or install new behaviours and attitudes, for example focus and confidence around exams, or simply increased self-esteem. The emphasis is always on moving towards the desired outcome, and as such it is very much a solution-focussed approach.

Personalised Hypnotherapy CDs for Children

Please contact us regarding our personalised hypnotherapy CD making service for children.

Hypnotherapy for medical conditions

By using the mind to help the body, hypnotherapy can have powerful healing effects. It is also particularly useful in helping with pain and needle phobia. Read an article here on its use in hospitals.


What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

The first part involves engaging the child, allowing them to relax as much as possible and giving them a point of focus. These things combined all encourage the state of hypnosis. The second part is where the ‘therapy’ comes in and involves giving suggestions for the resources, feelings or new behaviours that have been agreed beforehand. Always the language used is age-appropriate, designed to keep the child’s attention and also ensure that the experience is enjoyable.

What does the state of hypnosis feel like?

Being in the state of hypnosis is a very gentle, relaxing and enjoyable experience. The aim really is to get below the day-to-day chatter of the mind and find a calm, clear internal space. Once there, helpful suggestions and ideas can find a home and have a much more profound effect than if they are made without the help of reaching this peaceful state.

Will my child be ‘asleep’?

No, hypnosis is a state where you feel relaxed, but very focussed. However it is not sleep. In fact dozing off is a sign of a little too much relaxation!

What does it look like when a child is ‘in trance’?

Children under hypnosis often behave differently from adults. For example, eye closure isn’t necessary for a good level of trance with children and they may even act out what they are imagining. Equally, some like to lie relaxed with their eyes closed, and these preferences may also vary from session to session. How the child engages is not as important as the fact that they are fully focussed in their own way.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Yes, it is. As said above it is really just focussed use of imagination in a relaxed state. All goals are discussed and agreed with the carers and children beforehand. The therapist merely acts as a guide to help the child relax and imagine more fully.

Can a child be made to do something against their will?

Absolutely not. During trance children remain in control and can hear and remember everything that is said. Their unconscious mind always works to protect them and will only accept messages that are right and appropriate for them.

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