Healing Energy

Reiki is a name for the healing energy that flows through all of us. During a Reiki session, this is channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the child receiving it, normally in a number of set positions around the body. The child remains fully clothed, and can sit or lie down, as they prefer, with the parent present.

Reiki is well known as a healing practice, and as such is not a ‘therapy’, however receiving Reiki is a comforting, relaxing and energising experience. It is often felt initially as a warmth, or tingling sensation where the hands are placed. The overall effect however is a bit like refuelling, or plugging back into the mains when energy levels are low. It can also re-balance a system that has got a bit out of kilter and help the child to gain a sense of reconnection.

Reiki will flow automatically to where it is needed most and whatever the child needs from the Reiki is what they will take from the session. Reiki sessions with children are normally shorter than with adults; often children know instinctively how much Reiki they need and will jump off the couch once they have received just that.

Reiki in hospital

The benefits of Reiki for children who are ill are increasingly being recognised. Read an article here about Graham King, who was appointed by Middlesex Hospital to work with patients on the paediatric oncology ward.

Beth Dumonteil currently volunteers as a Reiki practitioner at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton, so has seen first hand the benefits that a Reiki treatment can provide within a medical environment.

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