Adult Sessions and Personalised CDs for Children

Personalised Hypnotherapy CDS for Children

Children who are experiencing difficulties sometimes find it hard to talk to someone they do not know about what is going on. Finding out more about the presenting issue from the carers and then developing a CD with positive suggestions incorporating their personal interests for children to listen to at home can sometimes prove an ideal solution.

Stories and relaxation with direct suggestions

The CD can contain a story based on the interests of the child that works as a metaphor to help lead them to find solutions to their problems. Alternatively a more relaxation type narrative with more direct suggestions can be recorded.

Ego strengthening

The CDs always incorporate ego strengthening towards the end of the CD to help with self-esteem and reassure children how loved they are by those close to them.

Some parent comments on their children’s CDs:

“The CD definitely helped in many ways,
with the issue at hand and bringing us even closer together.”


“Thank you so much for Rachel’s CD, we just listened to it.
It’s so special and perfectly tailored for her.”


“My 6 year old son has been suffering from nightmares and unsettled at bed time for a few months. Beth made him a bespoke cd to help him feel calmer and happier to be alone-I played it at bedtime tonight and he went straight to sleep and I haven’t heard a peep from him since! Thank you Beth!”
“Update: He’s slept through 4 nights in a row!”


CDs cost £30 with free postage. Please contact us to find out more.


Adult Therapy Sessions

Our new website for adult therapies is Please come and visit us there.

Therapies Used

A combination of EFT and hypnotherapy is normally used, unless there is a particular preference for one or the other. EFT is very effective at gently ‘clearing the ground’, with hypnotherapy as its perfect counterpart, allowing new foundations, resources and goals to be laid.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a chance for you and your therapist to meet and talk about how the different techniques may help in their case. In the first part of the session, an explanation of the types of therapy is given. The other half is spent in therapeutic work, either hypnotherapy or EFT, or a combination of both.

Before the Session

The therapist will send a brief questionnaire before the session in order to get a clear idea of the presenting problem, agree on appropriate goals and later draw up a treatment plan.

During the Session

At the session itself, the reasons for the visit will be discussed in order gain the your perspective and agree what the goals are. A explanation of what both hypnotherapy and EFT (depending on which is being used) are given and any questions answered at this point.

After the Session

Homework is usually set to reinforce what has been learnt, maximise the benefits and ensure continued progress outside of the session. If EFT is taught, a reminder sheet with the procedure is provided and suggestions for what to tap for given.

With hypnotherapy, a CD will sent in the post to you after the visit. This should be listened to every day preferably, to reinforce the positive suggestions given at the original session.

Your Next Visit

A follow-up visit would normally be given two weeks later to give the new learnings time to become more established and have a chance to show some effect. At the next visit we will discuss how things have gone, what progress has been made and do further work to move things forward.

Number of Visits Needed

Both EFT and hypnotherapy are brief therapies and results are usually achieved in a shorter space of time than with traditional talking therapies (such as psychoanalysis or counseling). The normal number of sessions needed is usually between 2-4, depending on the individual and the presenting symptom.

Sessions for Parents/Carers

Individual sessions for parents and carers can also be provided to help alleviate anxieties and tensions, and provide support that will inevitably feed back positively to children and the family as a whole.


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Cost and Session Length

Sessions cost £50 and last 1 hour.


We will never turn away a client who could benefit from any of the services offered here, so please get in touch regarding sessions at a concession, if that would be helpful.


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